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W Road Maintenance Services AB [WRMS]; provide solution for Road Contracting companies and Road Authorities
within the business segments Road Marking, De-Marking and Road Friction improvement.


W Road Maintenance Services AB [WRMS] started its activities 2009. Owner and MD, Håkan Wedberg, have been active in Road Maintenance business since 1995; mainly in Europe; and have executed business in more than 20 European countries; and ”Spot business” in a similar number of countries outside of Europé. The last 5 years have more than 100 contracting activities been executed in 18 European countries. Material and machine sales has also been performed in a similar amount of countries. With 20 years of experience; WRMS holds an extensive contact network and processes a wide market competence. WRMS has developed a strong contact and partner network in Europe and have developed a specialist know how in niche areas. Håkan Wedberg has been a member of several Board of Directors; and have been given the trust to operate as Director in several various positions in several various companies.


WRMS has contracted cooperation with a handful of priority partners; but provides also solutions for niche products through a extensive network throughout Europe. WRMS priority is to provide machine solutions and road marking material to road marking contractors; but also to support road marking contractors with capacity support through subcontracting activities. Direct contracting activities under public tenders will be executed only exceptionally; and – in such case – only when a competition situation with existing clients will not occur. WRMS provides also consultancy services in respect of Market reviews, education and presentations/lectures.

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