Road Marking removal

Contracting in Road Marking removal


Lines shall be removed from the road when:

  • Base line shall be overpainted, and it has a poor adhesion to the road surface (flaking)
  • A temporary marking by road construction site shall be removed
  • The road design (f.i. interrupted line to full line), or colour shall be changed
  • Existing marking profile is too thick
  • New material is not compatible with the existing base line (chemical deviation)

More and more European road authorities defines that line removals hall be executed by High Pressure Water Jetting – instead of traditional, metallic, processes. The purpose is to minimize phantom/shadow lines which causes confusion for the driver.

The market in Europe has expanded to approximately 5 MIO sqm yearly; allowing some 100 High Pressure Water Jetting Machines at the market today; as a consequence fo the ongoing normative work in several European countries.

WRMS has since 2010 been the contracted partner for the quality and technology leading system, PeelJet® technology; developed by Weigel Hochdrucktechnik (est 1981). The machines are today produced by company Winter Grun Marking Technology GmbH.

WRMS sell machinery, and executes contracting services (however not in competition with existing PeelJet® machine owners).

The technology can of course also be used for renovation of lines and deep cleaning in front of overpainting.



Forget all tricky statements from not serious competitors regarding removal/cleaning of thousands of square meters pro hours.

WRMS have been working side by side with most of the competitors; and we all have – more or less – same capacity; under the same conditions (material quality/material thickness/surface quality)

It will be under the ”law of physics”; that a system with, more or less, same pump pressure; and, more or less, same water flow – will also have, more or less, the same performance.

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