Road Friction Improvement

A substantial amount of reports in Europé – and the world – shows a clear correlation in between road surface friction values and accident ratio. Most European countries today do measure friction on roads [WRMS can here be helpful with contracting in measuring and/or machine (mobile measurement device)]. These measurements defines which road areas which needs to be improved.


There are several ways to improve the road surface friction. From the more expensive resurfacing; to the more cost effective method called Retexturing.

Retexturing means, in practice, that an exact level of bitumen will be removed by High Pressure Water Jetting (TrackJet® technology); in between the road surface aggregates; so that the original road texture depth (Macro Texture); will be restored.

This improves the drainage effect under wet conditions; but it does also improve the roads SFC (Surface Friction Coifficient).

Retexturing is normally executed under ”running traffic” conditions.


Retexturing are today estimated in a level of 7 MIO square meters yearly. TrackJet® is the technology which will give you the most exact and precise set up for removal of the proper, required, amount of bitumen.

WRMS sell machinery, and executes contracting services (however not in competition with existing TrackJet® machine owners).

The technology can also be used for removal of floating bitumen (oily surfaces by new production) and surface maintenance in others (by accidents and/or cleaning/renovation of OPA (open porous asphalt / drainage asphalt).

Tunnel road surface cleaning is an increasing and important segment for retexturing.

We also restore surface friction values on concrete, and remove concrete film.


WRMS holds a large number of technical reports, with measurement values, showing the good performance of Retexturing by TrackJet® technology.

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