In Europé are 8 larger groups represented in the area of Road Marking production. One is based in U.S.; one in Austria/Germany; one in France; one in Spain; one in U.K. and two in Scandinavia. These are all Multinational companies, active in whole Europe – often with sales representatives/offices and/or contracting activities. One thing most of these companies have in common is that they are your competitor [if you are a contractor].

In addition to these companies are a number of very good and experienced material producers; where the better ones are to be found in Germany (3); Greece (US owner); Ireland, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

WRMS AB did on 1 January 2015 decide to add Road Marking Materials to its portfolio. After 12 years as employee in one of “the big ones”; and with 20 years of experience from the business; WRMS holds an experience and competence profile which success concept is to optimize ”Value for Money”.

WRMS AB’s partner criteria’s has been:

  • A minimum of 30 years’ experience from material production
  • Own and extensive contracting volumes at their home markets (to ensure that the producer knows how material must perform on the road)
  • Relevant material export (at least 10 countries)
  • High technical competence at the laboratory (in order to secure material quality, development and service)
  • ISO certified (including proper reclamation procedures/management)
  • Relevant production volym (to secure good purchase prices of raw materials)
  • Relevant capacity (for expansion)
  • Low ”over-head” (”tight” management)
  • Quick and short decision processes – and relevant, delegated, decision power for WRMS
  • Relevant European Certificates (and the power and interest to obtain more)
  • Strong economy

The producers WRMS have choosen to be representatives for; are defined more in detail under the headlines for each materials.

WRMS have also good contacts and relation with most of the material producers at the market; which enables WRMS to be able to provide also other niche products, such as (road studs, Prefabricated symbols, friction surfaces, asphalt repair solutions etc etc); and some raw materials.

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